Real Estate Investment Articles

How to Evaluate Rental Properties

When purchasing real estate that you plan to live in, it is important to consider the way that real estate makes you feel. But to be a good investor, you must focus on the numbers and only purchase real estate that will make you money.

Mortgages for the Landlord and Landlady

Many people buy properties intending to give them out on rent. How do they afford to purchase such property?

Growth, Stability of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate investing is a kind of investing which is used for business purpose. The commercial real estate investing property is different from other real estate investing like agriculture, residential and other industrial purpose.

5 Costly Mistakes When Investing in Foreclosures

How to avoid common mistakes that beginner and seasoned investors make when investing in foreclosures.

Marketing your Rental Property

OK, so you have a rental property and you want to find yourself the right tenants. Any successful landlord can tell you that marketing your properties to the right people is a critical part of succeeding in the rentals game.

Scouting Out the Ideal Tenant

Letting your property out on rent is a major step. Make sure you do everything right.

Considerations for a Landlord Before Proceeding to Evict a Tenant

There comes a time when every landlord finds himself / herself in a difficult position of having his rental property occupied by a tenant who is not paying rent, or is making a nuisance of himself and causing problems for other tenants, or is causing immense damage to the rental unit, or his / her conduct makes it impossible to continue with a landlord / tenant relationship.